All In! Pan Party - September 13th

09/13/2019 08:00 PM - 11:55 PM PT


  • $25.00


Gallery Erato
309 1st Ave S
Seattle, WA 98104
United States of America


All In!

What: A pan party on Friday Nights!

Where: Gallery Erato - 309 1st Ave S.

When: Friday, September 13th, 8pm-12am

Cost: $25 for basic members, $15 for premium members. Tickets must be purchased online, there will be no door sales.


This is our pansexual pangender play party with something for everyone! Want to socialize? Do impact play? Bondage? Show off your fetish finery? Find a play partner or mentor? Have sex? This is the place and time! Our lights are high enough to see the whips, our music low enough to hear the moans. food and social areas, sex space, play stations, hard points, and everyone is included. Any play sanctioned by The CSPC is a on the table for this party. If you’re going to get messy, bring a tarp and check in with the EC! Whether you are gay, straight, queer, bi, cis, trans, gender non-conforming, dominant, submissive, a switch, top, or bottom, this party is for you.

If you have questions, please email us at! To stay up to date as well as discuss play plans, rides, scene ideas, or any other mischievous debauchery, check out and join our Fetlife Group!


Where: Our new home is in Pioneer Square’s hottest new kinky art gallery which boasts two floors of space for play space, including racks, hardpoints, and mattresses, all situated against backdrop of exposed brick and beams. The main floor of this space is wheelchair accessible, but our basement area is only accessible by a staircase.


Restrooms are gender neutral. This is not a scent free space.


  • This is a “yes means yes” space. We ask you to please don’t initiate ANY KIND of physical contact with anyone without asking and obtaining a “yes” first.
  • We have people here of all genders and orientations. Do not assume anything about anyone based on how they look or who they are playing with.
  • When voyeuring from social areas please be conscious of how your energy may project into a scene, even from afar. Give the players their space unless you are invited to come watch up close by the participants. If you are asked to move away or look away from a scene please respect the request.


Want to come? Purchase your ticket online!

There will be no tickets available at the door for this event, tickets are only available through pre purchase online. Ticket sales end 6 hours before the event start time.


Directions and Parking

Gallery Erato is located at 309 1st Ave S. Pioneer Square has free on-street parking after 6pm. This neighborhood is very well served by public transportation, including many bus lines, the streetcar, and the LINK light rail.



There are steep sidewalk cuts in the historic sidewalks of Pioneer Square and a small lip from the brick sidewalk into the Gallery. We have purchased a wheelchair ramp to transition over this lip so that our main floor will be accessible to folks in wheelchairs. There will be play stations, refreshments, and restrooms on the main floor. Unfortunately, the basement of our space is only accessible via stairs.