Femme SovereignTea

06/02/2019 11:00 AM - 05:00 PM PT


  • $35.00


Gallery Erato
309 1st Ave S
Seattle, WA 98104
United States of America


Note: If you are not a member and wish to attend, you will have to attend a New Member Orientation before buying your ticket. If you attend the week before the tea, please contact membership@theCSPC.org to buy the SovereignTea ticket since the ticket page is restricted to current members.


What: Sunday Afternoon High Protocol Tea for Sovereign Femmes and those who love to serve them.

Where: Gallery Erato in Pioneer Square, 309 1st Ave S.

When: Sunday June 2nd, 11am Servers, 12pm Sovereign Femmes

Cost: $35 for basic members, $25 for premium members, $10 Life Members to account for the cost of food.

Come and be pampered at our Sunday Afternoon Tea - a casually elegant event catering to Dominant Femmes and all who love to serve them. This is the place for all Dominant Womxn; from the skilled dominatrix to the confidently strict disciplinarian, as well as those simply curious to explore what it feels like to extract obedience with a sly smile and a knowing glance.

Come Relax and unwind on Sunday afternoon with delicious tea and sumptuous homemade hors d’oeuvres. Meet other Sovereign Femmes and indulge yourself in the splendor of being waited on by a bevy of obedient servants.

After dessert, invite your favorite server to indulge your other appetites. We provide plenty of space, equipment and supplies for everything from erotic foot worship to vigorous lashings. This is a basic protocol party and we expect guests to get into the spirit of tea service. If you have any questions please read the FAQ and reach out to your hosts in advance.

Sovereign Femmes: Join us at Noon for a seated tea.

Servers: Join us at 11am and experience the joy and satisfaction of service, whether perfect or naughty. We will equip you with everything you need. You need only provide the willingness to serve, interact, and learn.

Personal Attendants: There are very limited tickets for personal attendants. You must be invited by a specific Domme to attend in this way. We ask that you arrive at Noon with your Domme and be prepared to provide 20 minutes of dishwashing or similar as a service to the event.

All tickets must be purchased in advance. Read on for instructions for securing your spot.


On the second page of the registration you will see a section called “Event Sessions” - this allows you to select the correct ticket type for you. Please select one.


Sovereign Femmes, be sure to select “Sovereign Femme / Seated Spot” to ensure you reserve your seat at the table. Please note these tickets are only available for those who identify as femme.


If you are attending as a server, be sure to select the option for “Servers” to secure your spot as a server. These tickets are open for folx of all gender identities. Please plan to arrive at 11am and stay through cleanup until 5pm.


If you have been invited as a submissive attending a particular seated guest, please select the option for "Personal Attendant". These spots are extremely limited.


Note: You must be logged into your CSPC member account to purchase tickets. If you have a previous membership, you can go to this page and use Forgot Password to reset your access. Having trouble? Email membership@thecspc.org for help regaining access to your account.



Frequently Asked Questions:

What do we mean by "Sovereign"?
We invite all Womxn, females, Femmes, Femme leaning, gender queer folx, who Top, who are Dominant, who are exploring Dominance, or who are curious about what it is like to be waited on and served.

What do we mean by "Femme"?
The Femme Sovereign Tea does not require a female ID. However, we ask that our seated guests identify as womxn, female, femme, femme leaning gender queer, etc.

What if I am masculine?
This is a party to celebrate and worship feminine energy. If you identify as a masculine and/or present as male, you are welcome to join us, but you may only attend as a server or as an invited personal attendant of one of our Sovereign Femmes.

What time should I arrive?
We ask that servers arrive at 11am to help set up for the event. As we are arranging the furniture and decorating the space, Sovereign Femmes are welcome to relax and socialize in a nearby space, or take advantage of our facilities to freshen up. Servers are also expected to remain for clean up until about 5pm and plan to spend a total of 6 hours at the event.

All Sovereign Femmes should plan to arrive by 12pm for Tea Service. Doors will be locked at 1:30pm.

What should I wear?
Wear what makes you feel sexy. Dress to impress, but wear something that makes you feel comfortable and attractive. Fetish wear is encouraged, but not required.

We kindly ask that all genitalia are covered during Tea & Food Service.

Sweatpants, clothing with holes worn through, and dirty clothes are not acceptable attire.

How do I approach someone that I am interested in?
This is a basic protocol party. If you see the top or bottom of your dreams feel free to approach, introduce yourself, and negotiate on your own. If you would like help making contact, your hostess is happy to make semi-formal introductions. The rest is up to you!

Purchase tickets early to guarantee seating. At the old space, this event consistently sold out up to a week in advance.

Directions and Parking

Gallery Erato is located at 309 1st Ave S. There is a pay parking lot along our north wall. Pioneer Square has free on-street parking after 6pm (more info about street parking here) and paid parking lots, which you can find listed here. This neighborhood is very well served by public transportation, including many bus lines, the streetcar, and the LINK light rail.



There are steep sidewalk cuts in the historic sidewalks of Pioneer Square and a small lip from the brick sidewalk into the Gallery. We have purchased a wheelchair ramp to transition over this lip so that our events will be accessible to folks in wheelchairs.


Where can I get more information?

Email us at femdomtea@thecspc.org with any questions at all! Find us on Fetlife. Friend us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter @CSPCWomensTea.