Myself! Party - October

10/27/2019 06:00 PM - 10:00 PM PT


  • $25.00


Gallery Erato
309 1st Ave S
Seattle, WA 98104
United States of America


Members and invited guests only


Myself! Sex friendly Masturbation Party


Who: CSPC Members and Invited Guests, 18+ with ID

When: Sunday October 27th, 2019

New Member Orientation at 5pm

Doors: 5:45pm

Circle: 6:15pm (required for anyone coming to Myself! for the first time)

Party: 7pm-11pm Please note, due to logistics, we are closing at 10 tonight.

Where: Gallery Erato in Pioneer Square, 309 1st Ave S.

All tickets must be purchased online, no tickets are available at the door.


Cost: $25 for Basic Members, $15 for Premium Members.

For party questions email:

For membership and ticketing questions email:


About the Event:

Myself! is a wonderful sex friendly masturbation party that’s about consent, perverted ideas and watching. Opening Circle at 6:15 is required for everyone. The Gallery boasts floor space for lots of equipment, including racks, spanking benches, and mattresses, all situated against backdrop of exposed brick and beams. At this point in time, there are no showers or hard points in this space but we will have mats available for floor play.


Who it's for:

We have sex, masturbation, gang-bangs, pegging, dancing, spanking and fantasies coming true. If that interests you and you are over 18, this is the party for you.


By attending this event you are giving implicit consent to have people at the event watch and masturbate to whatever you are doing. That means even if you’re just sitting by the wall watching, you may be the best thing ever to other guests. We do require that attendees stay at least 3 feet back from any scene, but you will still feel the energy of those watching you at this distance.


Are you an exhibitionist? Does the thought of throngs of people getting off to your scene get you wet? Do you have a fantasy that you want to enact and have an audience watch and cheer? Then this is the party for you. 


Are you a voyeur? Do you get off on watching people play right in front of you? Do you want to peep a scene from around the corner while you get off? Come get your voyeur on!


Circle: Opening Circle at 6:15 is required if it is your first time at Myself! (and encouraged for everyone!). We’ll let you know what happens, discuss our party specific rules and norms, give you chances to break the ice and learn what others are looking to do tonight.


Event Details: This party is full of perverted ideas. Wandering and wanking is ok at Myself! (PS. Please do NOT drip on the floor.) We’re very exhibitionist and voyeur friendly. The party name is Myself! to emphasize the personal nature of this party. What gets you excited? Stripping, Lap Dancing, gang bangs, bukkake, dirty talk, just watching, chatting with people, group sex, hitachi, watching porn? Come do it at Myself!

You must be willing and able to say yes or no to ride this ride. Please know your boundaries and be able to speak them.

What are the rules?

  • Get consent! No touch without consent
  • If it's sexy, it's probably ok
  • Rope, YES
  • Impact as part of sex, yes
  • Use towels or pillowcases to sit on (no naked ass on the furniture)
  • Wandering Self Touch is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED for everyone
  • NO DRIPPING ON THE FLOOR! (Put down a towel or sheet first)
  • ABSOLUTELY No Phones or electronics (assistive hearing devices excepted)
  • See the Myself! specific rules page

Suggested wear: Everything is welcome, sexy is nice. Sarongs are wonderful. Nudity is encouraged.

Resources: If you have questions, write Mark at


Directions and Parking

Gallery Erato is located at 309 1st Ave S. Pioneer Square has free on-street parking after 6pm (more info about street parking here) and paid parking lots, which you can find listed here. This neighborhood is very well served by public transportation, including many bus lines, the streetcar, and the LINK light rail.



There are steep sidewalk cuts in the historic sidewalks of Pioneer Square and a small lip from the brick sidewalk into the Gallery. We have purchased a wheelchair ramp to transition over this lip so that the main floor of our events will be accessible to folks in wheelchairs. Unfortunately, the basement of our space is only accessible via stairs. There are play spaces, refreshments, and restrooms all on the main floor.